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HCTA & HCSD Joint Statement on Economic Settlement


Joint Bargaining Update from HCTA and HCSB


At the bargaining session on October 29, 2019, both parties sought to identify the best compensation package possible to address improved wages as well the unanticipated health insurance increase.

After multiple sessions and weighing multiple proposals, the HCSB and HCTA teams agreed to a compensation package that included 4.25% salary increase for market adjustment, performance pay of $100 for Highly Effective, and $75 for Effective, and a 3% increase to supplement schedules in appendix B2 and C6. In total, the economic settlement for the instructional unit equates to $3,862,105.33 (including fringe) added to the total instructional payroll.

This salary proposal was preferable to a lesser increase that included approximately $30.00 per month in increased district contribution to insurance premiums. The larger salary improvement helps to offset the increase to insurance premiums, while also improving the retirement contributions for each employee. This benefits all employees, including those who do not take the district health insurance, by keeping the funds in the salary schedule.

Both teams are also committed to continue seeking insurance plan options to meet the needs of all staff at the most affordable rate available.

Additionally, both parties agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding to include Pre-K teachers in the Best and Brightest Recognition bonus payments which will be distributed later in the year.

We are pleased to have reached an amicable resolution to the economic issues in time to see retroactive pay distributed prior to the winter break.

The ratification process will begin in the days ahead with the final ratification vote scheduled at worksites for November 15th and 18th.

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