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2022 HCTA Elections Update

February 15, 2021

HCTA Announces Seating of Candidates by Acclamation

In accordance with the governing documents of our association, the following qualified candidates who were the sole nominee for each post at the close of the nomination window have been seated by acclamation:

Lisa Masserio, President

Jennifer Campbell, 2nd Vice President

Melinda Cook, Secretary

Patti Greenwood, Treasurer

Tina Vieira, HS Director

Michael Lawless, MS Director

Roni Smith, ES Director

Dana Blazsek, ES Director

Danyl Williams, At Large Director

The following nominees for Delegate to the FEA DA have also been seated by acclamation: Lisa Masserio, Jennifer Campbell, Melinda Cook, Patti Greenwood, Michael Lawless, Roni Smith, Lucy Tucker, Jennifer Myers, Adam Maternowski, Lynda Karczewski, Lyndell Hudson, Lisa  Hard, Jackie Cross, Greg Champagne, Joseph Bristol, Crissi Brandhuber,Jennifer Gompers, Charlene Francisco, Maria Gebhardt, Nancy Jacobs, and Tiffany Ertle

On the ballot for worksite elections in March:

For the FEA Delegate Assembly,  four (4) alternate delegates seats remain open. The March worksite election ballots will include a write-in ballot for the FEA Delegate Assembly. The Elections Committee will determine the order of seating of write-in candidates by random drawing.

HCTA is allocated four delegates for the NEA Representative Assembly, with the President of HCTA automatically seated. The following candidates will be on the ballot for the three (3) remaining seats: Greg Champagne, Patti Greenwood, Michael Lawless, Jennifer Myers, Roni Smith and Tina Vieira.

Additionally, the following HCTA members will appear on the ballot for NEA RA State Delegate: Greg Champagne, Patti Greenwood, Michael Lawless, Jennifer Myers, Roni Smith and Tina Vieira.


2022 HCTA Call for Nominations

Calling All Potential Leaders!

HCTA is now accepting self-nominations for the following leadership opportunities in our professional association:

  • President (3 year term)
  • 2nd Vice President (3 year term)
  • Secretary (3 year term)
  • Treasurer (3 year term) 
  • High School Director (1 year term)
  • Middle School Director (1 year term)
  • Elementary Director (2 vacancies; each 1 year term)
  • At Large Director (1 year term)
  • Worksite Leaders (1 year term for all worksites)
  • Local Delegate to FEA Delegate Assembly (Oct)
  • Local Delegate to NEA Representative Assembly (July)
  • State Delegate to NEA Representative Assembly (July)

Directions for submitting nominations:

  1. Open, edit and save the nomination form (must use Edge or Chrome to utilize editable form)

  2. Return the completed form to the HCTA Elections Committee Chair via email (HCTAelections@gmail.com)

If you are unable to open the form and edit it in either Edge or Chrome, please print a copy, print legibly and then scan or return a clear picture of the completed nomination form to HCTAelections@gmail.com.

All nominations must be received by no later than 5:00pm on Friday, February 11th. Please be sure to check your personal email for confirmation of receipt of your nomination.