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Tentative Agreement Reached

BROOKSVILLE, FL -- September 21, 2022  One of the largest economic settlements ever negotiated for Hernando County educators is on its way to ratification! HCTA and HCSD bargaining representatives signed off on a final agreement for the 2022-23 contract which will push instructional starting salaries to $49,000 and provide salary increases and bonuses for returning staff equating to a 5% or greater overall improvement.

2022-23 Contract Bargaining

9-13-22 Bargaining Update

The parties returned to West Hernando Middle School to continue economic discussions and significant progress was made toward settlement. Both sides agreed to the methodology outlined in the HCTA proposal, though the final settlement on economics could not be reached without finalization of costs for 2023 health insurance. The joint Health Insurance Benefits committee is scheduled to convene on September 21st. A bargaining session has been scheduled for the evening of the 21st and the parties are hopeful that a final agreement can be reached at that time.

8-25-22 Bargaining Update

In response to the District’s request to clarify language regarding compensation for part-time eSchool teachers, HCTA presented a proposal which offered both clarification and a much-needed increase in the completer bonus paid for each successful student completion per semester. The parties reached agreement, moving the bonus from $75 to $100 per successful completion.

Changes to the state’s timeline for application of UniSig Grants necessitated a minor adjust to the previously signed MOU. The new agreement can be viewed HERE.

The District bargaining team did not return a formal proposal in response to HCTA’s economic opener presented on August 2nd, but did share that the Board had approved $4.3million for salary improvements in the instructional unit. The District affirmed that the bonus portion of the HCTA proposal could be paid from non-recurring ESSER funds, however the amount still falls about $2.3million short of HCTA’s initial proposal.

In consideration of economic improvements, the District noted that the approved $4.3million increase is equal to the amount already bargained for increases in the education support personnel unit (HUSW). They also noted that the Board is preparing for significant increases in health insurance costs for 2023; more information will likely be available following the meeting of the Insurance Committee next week.

The parties will return to bargaining on September 13th.


Economic Proposal Comparisons:



  • Raise minimum teacher salary to $48,500
  • Provide New Hire First Year Recruitment and Retention Bonus payable at conclusion of 2022-23 contract:
    • $1000 for 5-9 years verified teaching experience
    • $2000 for 10+ years verified teaching experience
  • $3800 Market Adjustment for all returning instructional staff
  • Pay for Performance
    • $150 for Highly Effective
    • $100 for Effective

TOTAL Package (including fringe): $6,465,960


*Athletic Supplements and PT eSchool payment increase submitted as separate proposals for consideration

  • Undefined raise minimum salary
  • Undefined Market Adjustment for returning staff
  • Pay for Performance - $50 Effective, $100 Highly Effective
  • Improvement to Athletic Supplements considered part of the salary deal
  • Increase in part-time eSchool payments also considered part of the salary deal

Cost of recurring salary improvements not to exceed (including fringe): $4,300,000



8-2-22 Bargaining Update

HCTA presented an economic opener seeking an across-the-board market adjustment for all returning instructional staff. In light of the 140 instructional vacancies, HCTA also proposed a more modest increase to new teacher pay to keep pay competitive for recruiting. The total proposal seeks to add more than $7million to the instructional payroll.

The District presented a MOU covering payment of UniSig Grant premium pay for qualifying educators teaching at Eastside Elementary for the 2022-23 school year. With minimal clarifications, HCTA and HCSD reached agreement on this MOU.

Items still under discussion include: Athletic Supplements, compensation for part-time eSchool teachers, and a District proposal to limit mid-year transfers.


Contract negotiations for the 2022-23 contract have begun!

On June 21st, HCTA and HCSD bargaining teams returned to the bargaining to kick off contract negotiations for the school year ahead. Opening proposals which were quickly tentatively agreed to by both parties include:

Both the HCTA and HCSD bargaining teams brought additional proposals to the table for consideration, though immediate agreements could not be reached.

Following more than 12 months of employee surveys, analysis of comparative districts' supplement schedules, and intense committee deliberation, the HCTA bargaining team presented a proposal seeking to rebalance and improve upon athletic supplements. HCTA also shared a proposal which would offer compensation to teachers providing sub coverage by receiving students split from other classrooms. 

Additional proposals from the District seek to clarify existing compensation practices for part-time eSchool teachers and limit mid-year transfers for members of the instructional unit. 

The parties will return to the table to continue contract negotiations on August 2nd @1pm.

2021-22 Salary Negotiations

ECONOMIC SETTLEMENT REACHED -- Worksite Ratification Voting to be held on December 13th & 14th


December 2021 Ratification


Appendix A- Salary Instructional Personnel – agreement seeks to meet statutory requirement to continue improving minimum classroom teacher salary to $47,500 while avoiding additional compression in the salary schedule, and keeps all instructional personnel (classroom teachers and non-classroom instructional employees) on the same schedule:

  • updates the performance pay formula to meet statutory requirements while maintaining increments consistent within the salary schedule;
  • continues to provide that all salary increases will be retroactive to the beginning of the contract year for employees who are active at the time of ratification;
  • provides a $1,380 increase to all instructional personnel, raising the starting pay to $47,500 as compelled by statute;
  • provides $50 for Effective and $100 for Highly Effective performance pay increase;
  • ensures consistent increments are established within the salary schedule by rounding instructional salaries up to nearest $50 increment;
  • commits to future annual increases in negotiated flat dollar amounts rather than percentages (in order to meet current statutory restrictions on salary increases for instructional personnel);
  • provides (from non-recurring funds) a $650 retention bonus for completing the 2021-2022 contract year – must continue working through the end of the contract year to qualify;
  • locks in health insurance rates with NO INCREASE for 2022 calendar year.


Placement Schedule for New Hires (2021-2022) – establishes $47,500 as the new starting teacher salary for HCSD; continues to provide for qualified military experience credit beyond 10 years.

2021-22 Negotiations

UPDATE 11/16/2021: The Hernando School Board has ratified the changes to the Instructional contract for 2021-22.

UPDATE 11/12/2021: The Instructional Bargaining Unit has voted in favor of ratification. 

* Notice has been given that worksite ratification voting of the following agreements will occur on November 10th and November 12th; ALL members of the Instructional Bargaining Unit may participate in voting

2020-21 Negotiations

*All agreements were successfully ratified and have been incorporated into the 2020-2023 Instructional Master Contract as appropriate*

2020-2021 Economics, Contract Language and 3-year Extension Agreements (December 2020 Ratification)

Language for Ratification

Revised TSIA MOU (11/30/20)

Revised Salary & Benefits Agreement (11/30/20)

2020-2021 COVID Impact Agreements: SUMMARY OF AGREEMENTS

Certification MOU (5/11/20)