2019-20 Contract Settlement Summary





ECONOMICS - Total Package includes Market Adjustment, Performance Pay, Fringe & Supplement Increases


$3,610,268.85    market adjustment (4.25%) increase for teachers

$   548,643.30    fringe (increases to SS, Medicare, FRS, worker’s comp, etc)

FOF Bus Tour Stops for Pep Talk

October 25, 2019                                  

Hernando Classroom Teachers’ Association: Fund Our Future Statewide Tour Coming to Brooksville

October 14th - Bargaining Update

October 14, 2019 Bargaining Update



HCTA and HCSB signed Tentative Agreement #5 providing high schools a pool of 20 summer days per school for guidance counselors.  While varying numbers of days have been provided in some prior years, this TA marks the first time these paid days are prescribed in contract.

Rally to FundOurFuture Commitment Survey

We know that funding our future is going to require a sustained commitment from elected leaders in Tallahassee. If investment in our public schools is not prioritized during this legislative session, we can expect that Florida will continue to remain in the bottom 10 nationwide in public education funding...and it will be our students who will suffer the continuing impacts of a growing teacher shortage. This January, we need to ensure that all eyes in Tallahassee are on Funding Our Future!